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Q: Who do I call when I have issues with my Comcast account at Bayberry?

A: You would call the BULK account # 888-638-2855. If you have your own account with Comcast for HD tv or Wifi, you would call 1-800-comcast. The office does not service Comcast or any other utility at Bayberry Cove.

Q: What are the hours for Security at Bayberry Cove?

A: Security guards are here starting in mid May from 7pm till 3am. If you need security please call 609-457-9626.

Q: What is the phone number for the local police?

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Q: How much are condo fees?

A: Condo fees for 2019 are $420.00. The office does not bill for condo fees. We will send out email reminders. Please make sure we have your email address on file.



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